Leased Aviation

What We do — Leased Aviation Limited is a private, non-scheduled air travel company that offers exclusive charter flights to the employees of the Mayside Group of companies and for select clients subject to prior arrangement.

Executive Charter — Leased Aviation relies on the Challenger 350 aircraft, which is the best-selling business jet among top corporate flight departments and charter operators worldwide.

Performance — Through longer maintenance intervals, low parts cost and increased efficiency, operators benefit from the lowest in-class operating costs making the Challenger 350 aircraft a wise decision.

Safety — With its outstanding dispatch reliability, the Challenger 350 aircraft was designed to deliver peace of mind, with minimized noise to maximize comfort in the quietest cabin in its class.

GET OUR UPDATES — We're usually 'good to go' with just 24 hours' notice and we operate a billable service from 'wheels up' to 'wheels down'. Get our updates and never miss a flight. Call 0730 184 5905 today!

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